How to Build A Fire Pit for Your Backyard

One of the things that can take your garden from ordinary to exceptional is a beautiful fire pit. Every improvement you make to your home is also a fantastic investment. Your home should be a welcoming refuge from the anxiety and tension that frequently bombard us from all sides. Your property can be transformed into a true showplace both inside and out with a few simple upgrades.

A backyard fire pit creates a great focal point for any landscape design, regardless of your state’s climate. You, your friends, and family will appreciate relaxing in front of the roaring fire in the backyard while sipping wine on those cold fall nights.

Many people hire a landscaping company to create their fire pit because they simply don’t feel up to the task. Designing and building an outdoor fire pit isn’t that difficult if you master a few tools.

Tip one

The first and most important tip is to choose the ideal site. It should be away from the house and free of low branches. Your fire pit needs space for the flames to ignite without endangering anyone.

Tip two

Create a circle of pavers the same size as the pit you want to create. The area of ​​that circle must be excavated. Be sure to dig at least 18 inches so there is room for gravel or rocks at the bottom of the hole. Fire bricks or regular rocks can be used as the base of your fire pit. The hole is usually shaped like a bowl.

Photo courtesy of Jamie410 on Pixabay

Tip three

Try to match the style and colors of your home when selecting the stones that will form the walls of your fire pit. Choose pavers or fire bricks in a shade that complements your home. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb from its surroundings, your fire pit should blend in so that it appears part of the original landscape design.

Tip four

Build the walls of the well at least 12 inches off the ground. This can prevent the embers from exploding and burning the visitor. Sculptural boulders can be used around the edges, as well as bricks or other stones.

Tip five

Make sure your mortar mix meets specifications for campfire use. If you mix it too dilute, the structure can disintegrate in a few years. Never do this type of work in wet or rainy conditions. Give the mortar enough time to cure.

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