4 Things to Know About Dollar Spot Lawn Fungus in Ohio

Having a lush, green lawn is important to you, which is why lawn diseases are a major source of frustration. Unfortunately, when conditions are right (usually warm and humid), lawn fungi can begin to grow and affect the appearance of your lawn.

Dollar spot fungus is one of the most common lawn diseases we see here in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. If you have noticed yellowish or beige spots on your lawn, it could be dollar spot grass disease.

In this article, we will explain more about what to expect from dollar lawn fungus and what you can do if you find it. These tips on dollar spot fungus in Ohio will help you make the best decisions for your lawn.

#1: The Dollar Spot Mushroom gets its name from its appearance

Identifying what you are facing is the first step in knowing what to do next. While we certainly don’t expect you to become an expert at identifying lawn diseases (that’s why we’re here), we want to help you understand what you might be dealing with in your lawn.

What does the dollar look like in spot? It gets its name from the silver dollar-sized circles that appear with this disease. The lesions are usually green, yellow, or tan, but can turn brown (at which point it is sometimes confused with brown spot disease…and vice versa).

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease on Blade of Grass

You should be able to distinguish these two diseases by when they occur. While brown spot thrives during hotter, more humid days, dollar lawn fungus will appear during moderate temperature days (60 degrees to 80 degrees).

#2: Dollar Spot Lawn Disease is caused by Clarireedia jacksonii (formerly Sclerotinia homoeocarpa)

Different lawn diseases are caused by different types of fungi. It all gets pretty technical and scientific, but the fungus that causes dollar spot grass disease recently changed after new DNA research allowed a closer look at the genomes.

Although originally said to be caused by Sclerotinia homeeocarpa, scientists now know that this disease is caused by the fungus Clarireedia jacksonii.

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease Mycelium

This fungus is named after Noel Jackson, PhD, the first scientist to describe dollar spot grass disease in 1927.

C. jacksonii spreads through pieces of mycelium in infected grass. It can also be transported by water or in shoes. But C. jacksonii does not produce spores.

#3: Dollar Spot Lawn Disease Can Be Controlled Well With Cultural Practices

According to Ohio State University, there are a few ways the spot dollar can be managed culturally.

On one hand, you want to make sure you have a proper fertilization program. Adequate fertility can help reduce both the occurrence and severity of dollar spot fungus in Ohio.

lawn care technician fertilizes the lawn

Proper irrigation also plays a fundamental role, since long periods of humidity should be avoided. The morning is by far the best time to water your grass because it gives it enough time to dry before nightfall and absorb as much water as possible before it evaporates. This is especially important when night temperatures exceed 70 degrees and daytime temperatures exceed 85 degrees.

Watering your lawn at night can create the ideal environment for fungi to grow and spread, as the water will simply sit on the grass.

Lawn care expert aerates lawn.

Lawn aeration can also play a vital role as it will help prevent soil compaction. When the soil becomes compacted, it can leave your lawn waterlogged. However, aeration helps loosen the soil and allows more oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the bases.

#4: Fungicides may not be worth investing in to treat Dollar Spot Fungus.

While we know that some lawn care companies would recommend fungicides as a treatment for dollar fungus. Fungicide treatments are an important revenue generator for many companies.

But at Oasis Turf & Tree, our position is that these chemicals are often not necessary and can be incredibly expensive for homeowners.

In our opinion, they are not the best way to spend your money.

In fact, a single fungicide treatment can cost two to three times more than other lawn care applications. And fungicides do not cure the disease, they simply suppress it. You will also need repeated applications to get effective coverage.

You could easily end up spending the amount you would on a total lawn care program on fungicide applications alone.

That’s why we recommend good cultural habits and a solid lawn care program to help promote a healthy lawn. In most cases, fungal outbreaks do not last long. Once conditions change, it will begin to become clearer. And if you already have a strong, healthy lawn, it will probably run its course quickly.

Fight Dollar Spot Fungus with Lawn Care Services in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, and Northern Kentucky

We know that lawn problems, like fungus, can seem like a setback. But when you have a lawn care professional on your side, you don’t face these problems alone.

At Oasis Turf & Tree, we are taking steps to mitigate issues by adapting our program to current conditions. Different lawn diseases thrive in different conditions. Our lawn care technicians will identify lawn diseases and then make recommendations based on what you’re dealing with.

We are also always proactively educating homeowners. We encourage you to take photographs of anything you see on your lawn between our visits. We also constantly share helpful tips on proper cultural practices, including proper watering.

Working together, we can help you achieve a thick, healthy lawn that will not only look great, but will also have a much better chance of fighting off invasive lawn diseases, such as dollar spot fungus. We’re always here to answer your questions so you never have to figure any of this out yourself.

Want to learn more about professional lawn care services for your home in Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, or Northern Kentucky? Request your quote, choose the lawn care program that’s right for you, and then sit back and relax while the professionals help you achieve the lawn of your dreams without worry.

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