Listen to Your Heart and Decorate with What You Love

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I’ve been thinking about adding cafe curtains to my windows for over a year. I finally tried it! I don’t know what I was expecting, it’s not a life changing decision. It’s just a pressure rod and a coffee curtain (and something curtain rings!). Ha!

I’m glad I finally listened to my heart. I love it! I also like the window without it, so I wasn’t sure I’d have to try it. I wasn’t in a hurry. But my heart kept asking! This curtain panel set is inexpensive and will be easy to remove or change if I decide it’s not right for me later. Now that I love them, I might even add them to the dining room!

Why not? Decorating should be fun.

Our home should be a reflection of the things we love. was sharing with me HomeCommunity Body Gathering Place last week that when it comes to our house, I think it’s always worth it listening to our hearts. We don’t have to change everything on a whim, but there is a reason why our hearts are drawn to certain things. It’s good to explore what it is and sometimes you can find a reasonable or “less risky” way to follow your heart.

If there’s no big risk in making that decision or trying something, what do you have to lose? What is the worst that can happen? If you can live with that, it may be worth the risk. Or look for a similar alternative that still inspires you.

There are definitely some decisions where it might make more sense to “play it safe” and others where not to worry as much.

A home should tell our story, so I think it’s worth finding ways to let your heart speak so you can decorate with what you really love.

What decorating decisions paralyze you the most?

Listen to your heart and decorate with what you love

We work on ways to make decorating decisions that you can live with in HomeMeeting place of the body.

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