Kosas Review-The Best Kosas Products You’ll Want to Try

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Kosas Cosmetics is a makeup company that has been on my radar for a long time. I have listened kosas The makeup contained only clean ingredients that truly improved the skin and were comfortable to use. I decided to delve into their most popular products to find out if they compare to my other natural favorites like 100 Percent Pure and Hynt Beauty. Read my Kosas review to see what I discovered.

I love reviewing new, clean makeup brands. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to upgrade your makeup routine and find amazing products that are high-performing, easy to apply, and look great. Kosas is a clean beauty brand that I’ve heard a lot about and wanted to try for quite some time.

What sets Kosas apart from the rest is that their makeup is specifically formulated like skincare. Using ingredients like hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, shea butter, panthenol, provitamin B5, castor oil, peptides and caffeine, these products not only enhance and conceal, but work over time to improve your skin naturally. I tried several Kosas products and was impressed with the quality. I really feel like I’m using skincare instead of makeup. Read on to find out my opinion and experience with each product I purchased.

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About Kosas:

Kosas focuses on comfortable makeup that truly benefits the skin. They believe that simple is better and their formulations have sensitive skin types in mind.

Kosas founder Sheena Zadeh-Daly founded the company in 2015. She wanted to create a clean beauty line that was super comfortable to use and friendly to sensitive skin. The interesting thing is that the first makeup shades were created in a portrait painting class. “We still think of our colors as works of art. Vivid, unique, dimensional tones that are very easy to wear, but anything but boring.”

“Welcome to the next level clean beauty that’s all about developer, expressingand feeling comfortable in your skin. It’s good makeup (not no makeup at all) that’s quick, easy, and can’t mess it up. Forks Clinically proven to really make your skin better, even when naked. So you can look like your favorite self every day.

Clinically proven skin-enhancing makeup: Super nourishing ingredients at active levels provide real skincare benefits. Moisturizing, soothing, illuminating, volumizing and more. Kosas goes beyond banned lists (more information here). We continue formulating, testing and innovating up to each product drives beauty forward and it is clean.”


Kosas products are free of:

  • Parabens
  • phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • talcum powder
  • Formaldehyde
  • Propylene glycol (PPG)
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEGS)
  • phenoxyethanol
  • petrolatum
  • Aluminum
  • “Fragrance” not disclosed
  • dimethicone
  • Cyclic Silicones

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What Kosas products I tried:

I also tried a palette that had a cream blush and a cream highlighter. I enjoy using this palette as it gives my skin a dewy and non-matte finish. However, it is not on the website and has possibly been discontinued.

In my photos, I’m wearing all Kosas makeup.

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My Kosas Review:

kosas Revealing concealer It is an outstanding product without a doubt. It has a creamy texture and is made with skin-loving ingredients like caffeine, arnica, peptides and hyaluronic acid, all aimed at reducing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, while providing excellent coverage. I used the concealer under my eyes, on my chin and around my nose. I found that the Kosas concealer did a great job of covering up blemishes without looking cakey or thick. It definitely felt like a second skin. It was also long lasting and has medium buildable coverage. It was easy to find the right color because its range of shades was wide. As long as you know your nuances, you should be able to find your perfect match.

Moist Lip Oil Gloss It has hyaluronic acid, peptides, avocado oil, konjac root, shea butter and evening primrose. These active ingredients visibly plump and protect lips. I LOVE this lip oil. It’s lightweight but really does a great job of moisturizing the lips and is long lasting for being so lightweight! It gives my lips a natural shine. When I first tried it, I wondered if it was substantial enough to last a long time and replenish my lips. Most lip oils are light and insubstantial, with little to no staying power. This was not the case with the Wet Lip Oil Gloss. This lip gloss has at least 9 awards, including Allure’s Best of Beauty 2023.

air front It comes in a clear and tinted formula. This product is the end of the eyebrow gel. It has biodegradable plant-based microfibers, provitamin b panthenol, biotinoyl tripeptide (promoting healthier, fuller hair), hyaluronic acid, castor oil (for hair growth), and trehalose (hydrating and conditioning). This gel shaped my brows and provided good hold without being too stiff or sticking to my skin. It was also long lasting and gave my brows more fluff! I will definitely repurchase this product in full size and try the tinted version.

He 10 second eye It is a cream eyeshadow. Full disclosure: I don’t really like cream eyeshadows because I have trouble applying them and I tend to have oily eyelids. There was a learning curve when applying this product and I felt like I needed to layer to get the color I wanted. While I think this product is great when it comes to liquid eyeshadows, I personally won’t be repurchasing it. Contains orange blossom water to brighten and tone and shea butter and jojoba oil to hydrate. It goes on smooth and stays on, but because I layered it, I felt it on my eyelids all day long. Each product has undergone clinical studies and 100% of women who used Kosas mascara for 2 weeks saw longer and thicker eyelashes.

The big clean mask It gave my lashes great volume and was buildable, but one coat gave me a full set of lashes. The clean formula of this mask contains castor oil for hair growth. It also has provitamin B5, biotinoyl tripeptide-1 for fuller hair, and plant-based sugars that provide longer microplastic-free time. It didn’t give me raccoon eyes, which I’m also prone to, and my lashes didn’t feel too dry or flaky.

The combination of cream blush and highlighter (in the black compact) was amazing and I’m sad it’s gone. Creams are always a little more difficult to apply, but for me, the look is worth it. Although it is not available, the product was of great quality and increases my overall approval of the company.

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In the future I will try other beauty products like Kosas Revealing Foundation SPF 25 and Sun Show Bronzer, Kosas Glow ID which is an additive in your foundation that gives the skin a subtle glow. I would also repurchase the lip oil, tinted brow gel, and concealer. Kosas lipsticks They have a satin finish and have hours of wear with quite a few beautiful colors, so they are a great consideration as well. I guess I would basically like to buy everything. ha ha ha.

In conclusion, Kosas is a fantastic company with clean products that really benefit and improve your skin. My favorite product so far has to be the concealer, closely followed by the lip oil and brow gel. I’m a fan!

Kosas store HERE.

*I purchased each of these products. I am not collaborating with Kosas nor did they send me products for review. If you decide to use my affiliate links to purchase the products I have suggested, I will receive a small commission.*

xx, jenni

PS Right now Kosas has a 25% discount for Black Friday (11-22-23). No code needed! It’s the perfect time to try it!

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