how to make a diy christmas gift bag sign


There are MANY ways you can use gift bags, besides just for wrapping of course! The best part? You can buy them basically anywhere for CHEAP! I snagged this adorable “have fun!” bag at my local Burkes Outlet in a pack of 10 bags for only $2.99!!! Score!

Today, I’m going to share with you how to make the cutest Christmas sign using materials I already had lying around!

In fact, I made a FULL LIVE VIDEO about this which you can watch right here. HERE!

For this project, I used the following items:

  • Burke’s Outlet Christmas Gift Bag
  • Sign at Dollar General or Walmart; I do not remember
  • Red Paint Apple Barrel Flag
  • Felt balls from Amazon – Find them HERE
  • Remanufactured Brushes – Find Them HERE
  • Remanufactured scissors – HERE
  • Various tapes from Dollar Tree, Walmart and Hobby Lobby
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

First, I cut out the text from the gift bag I planned to use for my sign. He says “have fun!” I thought that saying was perfect for this sign! I’m sorry this specific image is upside down, but you can see it in the first image!

Next, I grabbed my paintbrush and painted four vertical red stripes, WHIMSY, across my sign. This does NOT have to be perfect, y’all!

After it dries, the next step in this process is to hot glue the gift bag to the sign.

After securing the cut-out gift bag, I glued my hot pink gingham ribbon as an embellishment around the outside. This really made it look more “complete!”

Look how CUTE it already looks! You could leave it that way if you prefer!

It was still a little plain for my taste, so I decided it needed a bow remodeled! See my tutorial HERE—> Don’t be afraid to mix and match all the different colors, patterns, and textured ribbons!

Lastly, I added 4 colored felt balls to each corner and I think that really made it stand out. You all know I LOVE using felt balls in my crafts! You can find these fun felt balls correctly. HERE!

How fun was this?

After creating this project, my mind was spinning with all kinds of ideas for gift bags and boxes! Have you ever used a gift bag in your crafts? I hope this inspires you to look outside the box next time you’re in the gift wrapping aisle!

Last updated on February 24, 2024


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