Top 21 Favorite Decor in 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, I thought it would be fun to take a look at The Inspired Room readers’ favorite decor items from the past year. I was able to decorate my own house a little over the last few months once the renovations were done, but I’m really excited to decorate more (less construction haha) in 2024.

As the creator of The Inspired Room (for the past 17 years!), I love helping readers decorate their homes by sharing affordable, timeless, and stylish decor pieces. I’m always excited to receive messages from people who bought and loved something I recommended. I primarily share items I have in my own home, but I also carefully select pieces that I would feel comfortable purchasing if I had a place for them.

Here are YOUR favorites for 2023 (and mine too!).

This jute and cotton rug – I bought this in 2023 and I love it! It’s super soft, doesn’t shed, and comes in various colors. I shared questions and answers about the rug with a close-up photo in this post. We also use THIS rug with that. It makes it even softer and helps keep it in place.

Checkered chair – I have these chairs in checkered and striped (2 striped on top and one checked on the bottom). They come in several colors and have been great chairs for our small spaces. I sit in the checkered one every day by the fire and it’s nice and cozy!

Ocean/gold printed rug – We have this in our dining room, you can see photos in our house here.

Printed Cork Backed Placemats – I shared about these recently and received several messages from TIR readers who love them too! They are super sturdy (cork back), great quality, and had wonderful reviews. I can say that they will last a long time. I keep them in a basket on a shelf on our island so they’re easy to grab when we need them! I love the pattern and the colors.

Reversible blanket. – Everyone who receives them LOVES them! They are lightweight, machine washable, super soft and come in various patterns and colors, you can check them out. here. See more details and photos of these blankets in my house in this post.

Rattan serving cart – We have this in our kitchen. Read my post about this stroller and how I will use it here.

Folding wooden tray table set of 2 – I shared more about these tray tables in this post.

Prado Art Print – I shared about this pretty art print in this post on Whimsical Decor. The whole scene is just lovely!

Jute Wrapped Chandelier with Shades – This is in our new dining room, you can see photos of it in our house here. You can get different shade options (lots of patterns and colors) or no shades at all!

Buffalo Plaid Curtains – I have them in chambray color in my bedroom, you can see photos here.

Toaster oven with fryer – This is the only oven my parents use in their Tiny Cottage and they love it! I want to get one as a backup for the holidays. See photos of him on The Tiny Cottage tour here.

fake tulips – They are very realistic and I have them in various colors, see more photos in my house here.

clove cups – OMG, I love these clove cups so much. They are so pretty, sturdy and the green color is dreamy!

Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp – I have this in my room (see photos here). Find more of my floor lamp recommendations in this post.

Brass Wall Sconces with Linen Shade (Set of 2) – I have them in both black and brass. These are the wall lights I used without wiring! used to these rechargeable bulbs (see more details and photos here). I have since wired up the lamp and added a fun new shade which you can see in this post.

window candles – These make us so happy on winter nights! We love them, no other window candles compare. this trade mark They have really cool features that make them special, so I definitely recommend them. I also bought them for members of our family! You can see more photos of them in our house here.

Hanging illuminated stars – We put them on our porch every year, you can learn more about these stars and see more photos around my house in this blog post.

Leather armchair – I have had the loveseat version for years and it has treated us very well! It only gets better with age.

Simply Home Book – Thank you for all your support this year when I published my latest book (two of the popular original paperbacks, Simple Organizing and Simple Decorating, now combined into a hardcover version)!

Rattan Decorative Cabinet – I love little decorative cabinets like these. I have used them as an “entry command center” and to store different things like office supplies, bedding, and entertainment items. You can see a post with more small storage cabinets and photos of how we use them in our homes here.

Honorable mentions:

We got this garden hose last summer. And it’s the best garden hose I’ve ever owned! We have the 50 foot one and it also comes in 100 foot.

My new bamboo window curtains – We recently installed these in our home, you can see a close up photo of these curtains and more details in this blog post. I’ve had several messages from you receiving them too!

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See more of her decorating favorites month by month HERE.

Thanks for sticking around this year, friends! I have so many things I’m excited to share with you in 2024!

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The 21 favorite decorations in 2023
The 21 favorite decorations in 2023

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