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Are you trying to grow grass in a shady area and feeling frustrated? Growing grass in the shade is not an easy task. Many homeowners express frustration that the grass under their trees is not growing the way they want. But there are reasons why that is the case.

Like other plants on your property, your grass plants require sunlight for the natural photosynthesis process to occur. Without that process, the grass simply will not thrive as it should.

When you grow grass in a shady area, it tends to be thin and lacks the lush green color you want.

People often ask us how to grow grass in shady areas… and if it is possible. While it is challenging, it can be achieved with the right approach.

In this article we will talk about how to grow grass in the shade.

#1: Trim the tree crown to allow more sunlight to filter through

All types of grass (even shade-loving varieties) require at least some sunlight. For that reason, the best way to grow grass in a shady area is to reduce that shade by trimming the crown of your tree (or trees).

If you have more than one tree on your property, their crowns will likely begin to grow together, further reducing shade. Over time, less and less sunlight will reach the grass.

But you can start getting some sunlight to reach the grass by raising the canopy. This will allow sunlight to filter through. Obviously, there won’t be as much sunlight as if there were no trees, but for the right type of grass (a point we’ll talk about next), it should be enough to help the grass grow.

While it is not a service offered by Oasis Turf & Tree, you will want to find a tree trimming company that can perform this task correctly. It is also not a one-time type of job. You will need to perform regular pruning to ensure continued benefits.

#2: Plant a more shade-tolerant type of grass

One of the reasons grass under trees sometimes fails is that you have a type of planted grass that needs a lot of sunlight. For that reason, planting a more shade-tolerant type of grass is a potential way to grow grass in a shady area.

As we mentioned above, even shade-tolerant grass types require at least some sunlight (all grasses do), but can go longer periods without receiving as much sunlight as other grasses.

The best type of grass for shady areas is the tall fescue grass type.

aeration plugs in hand

This is what Oasis Turf & Tree uses when performing an aeration and overseeding service for homeowners. It performs well in our region in general and can handle some shade.

You should continually introduce new types of grass to your lawn, so we recommend aerating and overseeding annually.

This will also help address the fact that grass growing under a tree tends to be fine. It will help thicken those areas and fill in any bare spots when you have overseeded.

#3: Have realistic expectations and provide some “love and attention”

When people ask us, Can I grow grass in the shade? We are always honest that it can be challenging but achievable. At Oasis Turf & Tree, you can always count on us to be transparent when answering these types of questions.

The truth is, if you are diligent about pruning your trees and introducing better, more shade-tolerant grass types to your lawn, it can make a big difference.

But it’s still important to have realistic expectations.

The lawn care technician inspects the lawn.

Every situation is different. If you have particularly dense tree cover and your property has a LOT of shade, it will be more of a challenge (as opposed to a property with some shade).

Sometimes, even with pruning, a property with lots of trees and lots of shade can still have problem grass. If it’s just one area of ​​your property, maybe it’s something you can live with and it’s no big deal.

That particular area might require some “TLC” in the form of extra attention.

Shade grass tends to be stressed more easily, particularly when overfertilized or overtreated with herbicides. We will be careful in those shady places when caring for your lawn. You’ll also want to make sure you’re careful when mowing and not putting any extra pressure on the grass.

lawn care expert fertilizes the lawn

In general, grass under trees tends to compete with those trees for nutrients and moisture. Therefore, you need to make sure the grass gets what it needs without overdoing it.

However, if it’s more than one area, it may be more than you want to address.

In some cases, if growing grass in a shady area becomes a struggle and frustration, some homeowners take more drastic action, such as cutting down trees. While that’s not the right course of action for everyone (we understand that people love their trees), sometimes it can be the right step if you find that you’re more frustrated than you’d like with the state of your lawn.

After all, a fine, shady lawn also tends to become cloudy when it rains and causes other problems as well. If you think your shady lawn is a big problem, tree removal is a potential option.

Another option would be to consider an alternative to grass.

For example, you could use a ring of mulch around your tree and spread it over areas where grass has difficulty growing. Some homeowners also use these areas to establish flower beds with perennials and shady shrubs. They still add aesthetic appeal to the property, but will not require as much sunlight as grass to grow.

At the end of the day, you need to find the right solution that fits your wants and needs. If you have questions, we are always available to help you.

Choosing Lawn Care Services in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, and Northern Kentucky

Trying to grow grass in a shady area may seem like an impossible task. But most of the time, we can be very successful in encouraging homeowners to continue pruning trees and annually aerating and overseeding their lawns with a better type of grass.

In those cases where that is not enough, we can discuss alternative options with the owners so they can determine which is right for them.

In the end what matters to us is that you are happy and enjoy your lawn to the fullest. Very often, we can help homeowners improve their shady lawns without taking drastic measures (like cutting down trees), and that makes us happy, too.

No matter what, you can always count on us to be direct and transparent in our recommendations. We want to be your trusted guide who can help set you up for success.

Are you ready to learn about professional lawn care services from Oasis Turf & Tree for your home in Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, or Northern Kentucky? Request your quote, choose the lawn care program that’s right for you, and then sit back and relax while the professionals take your worries away and help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

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