The Princess in Familiar Pieces for Dadvengers Engagement – What Kate Wore

The Princess of Wales today wore a family style for a meeting of the dad avengersa group that “inspires and advocates for fathers throughout their journey to parenthood.”

The Telegraph has more in this piece by India McTaggart.

The Princess of Wales has visited a north London pub to talk about the importance of early childhood with a group of parents. The princess, 41, met with the Dadvengers community at the Arnos Arms in Arnos Grove, where they spoke about fathers’ wellbeing and building supportive communities around fathers.

The Dadvengers group was started by CBeebies presenter Nigel Clarke in 2019 to provide resources for new fathers and support positive men’s mental health, mainly online.

The organization has four fundamental pillars.

Dadvengers notes on its site that “addressing the issues dads face is not as simple as it seems. Men do not engage with resources in the same way as women. Therefore, we believe in tailoring our resources and making them attractive to our audience. We engage dads by building communities through recreational activities, such as our Podcast, Dad Chats, Quizzes, Meet-Ups or Dad Walks.” The group’s name is said to come from Mr. Clarke’s fondness for Marvel’s Avengers.

Next, you see the princess with five-year-old Grayson Stevenson and Nigel Clarke.

A press release from Kensington Palace notes: “Dadvengers is predominantly an online community working to support dads on their journey to fatherhood. It has a strong focus on mental wellbeing and supports new fathers in a variety of ways, including through online training programmes, podcasts and, most recently, in-person ‘Dad Walks’. “Dad Walks offer a new way for men to meet other dads in their local community in an informal setting.”

We learn more about Dadvengers in this daily mail piece.

Nigel Clarke, founder of Dadvengers, said: “Fathers have a huge role to play in their children’s lives, from the very beginning. Even before their baby is born, fathers can get involved and Dadvengers is on a mission to help them do it in a way that works for them.’

‘We provide them with information and advice to help them look after their own wellbeing, whilst supporting them to build the relationships and nurturing environments that we know are so important in the early years of their children’s lives. That’s what Dadvengers is about.’

More of Danielle Stacey Hello piece.

As the royal joined the parents and their little ones around the table, she said: “I think it’s bringing up the importance of family time and the role that dads play in raising children. “Through what you are doing, children are seeing the importance of socializing and getting together.”

“It’s not just that mom will do X and dad will do Y,” one parent added, to which Kate agreed and said, “It’s shared.”

Today’s commitment was part of the Giving Us Shape Initiative.

After their meeting at the pub, the group took part in a dads’ walk.

Below, the princess with Maya Sanmuganathan, 3 years old.

we return to he Hello article.

While the children were playing on the playground, Kate was seen bending down to talk to a girl, who was wearing a floral raincoat and wellies.

“I love your striped stockings,” the princess said to the young man, “I should have worn my striped stockings.”

The princess posed for a group photo with Nigel Clarke and her family, including 11-month-old Cassius.

we return to he Hello article One more time.

Speaking after the visit, Nigel said the parents were “shocked” to receive a visit from the princess. He continued: “They were surprised that she had taken the time to come visit a group like this. We discussed how important it is to have groups and spaces like this. “Dads worry about feeling uncomfortable, but in a space like this they relax and open up.”

And he added: “We discussed how difficult it is to reach parents and she asked how we had achieved it. I wish walks like this were done all over the country. The goal is to normalize dads spending time with their children.”

Kensington Palace released a video following today’s engagement.

Now let’s see what Kate wore to her visit to the Dadvengers. Many will have recognized his ‘Edith Jacket’ of 2020 barbour x Alexa Chung Collection. The jacket has an oversized silhouette and a distinctive gingham lining. It also features a corduroy collar, slightly short sleeves that hit just above the wrist bone, snap-close flap pockets, a covered zipper placket with snaps, and an angled front zipper pocket. It was first observed in an Early Years video from November 2020.

Here you can see the princess wearing it during a visit to Wales last April.

The Princess brought back the MOTHER Dazzler Mid-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans. style is available. in MOTHER ($228), as well as in tuckernuck ($228), spin ($228), Neiman Marcus ($228), and Net-a-Porter ($240).

She also wore her Erdem ‘Lotus’ sweater in 100% cashmere with ribbed details at the hem, neckline and cuffs. The piece was first seen during a visit to Scotland in 2021.

It seemed like the princess was wearing a new pair of Chelsea boots today, the Thea Leather Style ($330) in chocolate Reiss. The 100% leather boots have a rounded toe, elastic at the ankle and a thick sole. thanks to Maven Middleton for another fabulous id. (I added some RepliKate capabilities to the Footwear page.)

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2:The boots are No the Reiss Thea style. They were worn again on November 2nd and I was able to access additional photos showing the differences between the styles. The most striking style is the stitching on the sole of the Thea boots, something that the Princess’s boots do not have.

Daniella Draper Mini Cupid Hoop Earrings ($270).

The princess also wore a poppy today, something we look forward to in the month of November.

I see you tomorrow! In case you missed it, here’s Kate’s Calendar list with information about tomorrow’s appointments.

  • Thursday, November 2: “The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay (as the Prince and Princess of Wales are called in Scotland) will visit Scotland, where they will meet with organizations supporting rural communities in Moray and Inverness. His Royal Highness will visit organizations that work with young people to support their mental health through improved access to the outdoors, as well as practical learning opportunities.”


The Royal Family Channel offers more than three minutes of coverage in this video.

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