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Natasha Lambkin is breaking new ground, miraculously fusing fashion and faith with her remarkable designs that can’t help but get all the glory.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Lambkin She knew fashion was her calling and attended FIT University. With beauty and intelligence, after college she pursued a career in the modeling industry where she skyrocketed. Despite her success, Natasha felt dissatisfied and did some soul-searching to discover her true purpose.

As her walk with God grew stronger, she had the epiphany to start her own clothing line that promoted modest fashion and the Christian faith titled, Tashee Inc.

Tashee,“which is the abbreviation of Natasha, It was a nickname given to her by her father and symbolizes being a princess. “I wanted my consumers to feel like God’s princesses, royalty, and part of God’s kingdom, which is why I named my brand Tashee,” Lambkin explained.

Since starting her clothing line in 2015, she has seen great success appearing in editorial magazines such as Vogue Italia, Elle Arabia, Bustle Magazine, and Hello Beautiful.

In addition to being recognized by the mayor of New York for her work in ministry and fashion, and working with celebrities such as J. Bolin, Real Talk Kim, and gospel singer Casey J.

“Our customer base is so diverse that you don’t have to be Christian to shop with us, as we have Muslim, Jewish and atheist people who use our brand, and I think that’s what it’s all about,” Lambkin said. .

During New York Fashion Week, Natasha Lambkin teamed up with Claire Sulmers, CEO of Fashion Bomb debut your collection in the Bomb fashion show.

Showcasing a cohesive all-white collection, including the perfect bridal attire, sparkly ruched dresses, and modest resort wear, Tashee Inc. came out and stood out!

“Our aesthetic is very chic, modern, classy and innovative.Lambkin said. “We combine all those elements and many people are attracted to our style and are even more intrigued when they find out what it is about..”

Sulmers also wore Tashee Inc. One Sleeve Metallic ‘Claire’ Dress during the Bomb fashion show, that is available for purchase at

“I have been following Fashion Bomb daily since 2010 and being a part of Fashion Bomb Daily Shop is a complete honor.”Lambkin expressed. “When I hear about Fashion Bomb every day, I just think about being part of an industry and environment that is all about setting new trends and being at the forefront of fashion..”

Among their impressive designs, that of Tashee Inc. “Tulip monkey” is a bestseller as it fits different body shapes, is structured and has a cinched waist with puffed pants, similar to the iconic MC Hammer pants.

With her well-versed collection, Natasha Lambkin is making waves in the fashion industry as a faith-based brand that promotes modesty in the most modern way.

“I see my brand as a household name and a million-dollar empire because Tashee Inc. is more than just fashion.”Lambkin shared. “We also have a media company and are working on new projects, so I see us becoming larger than life..”

See Tashee Inc. at clicking HERE!

Photographer: Images courtesy of Natasha Lambkin

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