How to Have A Relaxed And Stress Free Holiday

The holiday season can be stressful, from buying gifts, planning a party, to entertaining friends and family. This year try to have a relaxing vacation. I’m sure you’re wondering how? If you’re wondering how to have a relaxed and stress-free holiday and holiday season, keep scrolling for some tips.

Whether you are going to a Christmas party, New Year’s Eve Celebration, or relaxing at home, something we all have in common is wanting to be surrounded by those we love: friends and family. During the Christmas season, there are days when we want to be full of glamor wearing the best outfits. On the other hand, there are times and days when you simply want to kick back and relax with your friends and family enjoying good food, wine and chat. This vacation will be a combination of both for many of us, including me. From dressing up in this yellow sequin cocktail dress, hosting a New Year’s Eve party with friends, to relaxing Pijama or loungewear, I’m definitely ready for all the fun this vacation will bring.

Entertaining yourself on vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. I know it can be overwhelming trying to create the perfect Christmas party; but please limit stress. You can start by moving away from the word “party” and calling it a “gathering.” The word meeting makes the event feel comfortable, stress-free and enjoyable. I love inviting my friends to a gathering.

Find something comfortable and cute when gathering at home this holiday with friends. Can be this Pijama pants and long sleeve knit top either loungewear sets during game nights. You can wear many upgraded loungewear outfits, including this one sleeping feather set or these fun pajamas like the ones my friends and I wear.


Here are some tips on how to have a relaxing and stress-free vacation.

  • Call it a meeting instead of a party
  • Ask for help. Assign tasks to different friends who are excellent in different areas. I can always rely on my friend Abby to bring me the best drinks. Her friends are willing to help make the gathering a fun and memorable day. Agree to accept help.
  • Simplify the decoration. The decoration does not have to be exaggerated or very expensive. There is nothing that candles and flowers can fix.
  • Opt for charcuterie boards: Earlier this year, I offered to make a charcuterie board for a friend’s birthday gathering. It was incredible! Charcuterie boards are a great way to have different layouts of foods, fruits and vegetables in small pieces so that guests can snack throughout the day. You can check out my charcuterie board ideas on Pinterest.
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