Creating the Perfect Backyard for Summer

In some areas, where the weather is warm almost all year round, families spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s so much fun to get together with friends and grill some steaks or burgers on the weekend. This is a relaxing and economical way to enjoy your free time. Even in areas where the weather is a little colder, your backyard can be a comfortable extension of your indoor space. By placing a fire pit in the backyard, you’ll be able to really enjoy those cooler nights as you gather around the campfire and talk about your favorite vacations or other memories with your loved ones.

Don’t let the cooler weather or the economy stop you from making your home that fun place everyone loves to come to for parties and barbecues. It just takes a little planning and a few weekends of DIY projects to complete some important features that can transform your outdoor space.

Outdoor kitchens

Start by sitting down with your family and discussing the types of things you would like to see in the backyard. Every family is different. You might be content with a portable grill, but an outdoor kitchen could really increase the value of your home and give everyone a place to gather on the weekends. If you have a large family or entertain a lot, then an outdoor kitchen makes sense. Yours doesn’t have to be an elaborate, large-scale project that costs a lot of money. Design something basic if you’re on a budget or aren’t sure how much you’d use the space.

Pizza Ovens and Babbling Brooks

Those old world Italian pizza ovens are quite popular now and they are functional too. Imagine the fun of preparing and baking your own gourmet pizzas in the backyard with your family. Water features are also very popular. A Koi pond is a beautiful and relaxing place to spend an afternoon with friends. If it fits your budget, a pool can add enjoyment and value to your home. Some homeowners go crazy and design an amazing English or French garden with statues and a babbling brook. If you are a gardener and love fragrant flowers, consider this option.

Enjoy eating outdoors. Photo courtesy of Rita E.

Tips for success

Be sure to sit down with your family and discuss the types of things you would all like to see in your backyard. Your kids may surprise you with the unique ideas they will come up with. Another thing to think about is your own family’s likes, dislikes, and likes. If your family likes to play, designing a covered patio where you can gather to play Scrabble or Checkers on Saturday mornings could be a good solution that would also be economical.

Try to design items that not only fit your family’s wish list, but also match your lifestyle and home decor. If you have children who are old enough, be sure to include them not only in the planning stages but also in the construction stages. Your kids will love spending their weekends helping Dad design and build a pergola or patio. This could provide enough quality time for children and parents to spend together making memories, as well as a beautiful outdoor space. is your exclusive online source for lawn and garden parts and equipment, as well as material handling and warehouse supplies. Our site offers a complete inventory of Tractor supports. You can get tractor mounts for Kubota Tractors. Since 1966, our family-owned parent company, Bahrns Equipment, has supplied the most trusted brands of power equipment, farm equipment, and lawn, garden, and outdoor implements in the industry. Our mission is to provide you with the lawn and garden equipment, parts and materials you need to get the job done every day.

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